The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival

Thank you to everyone that made the 2019 Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival an amazing event! Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our vision. To the dedicated volunteers, performers and 209 artists that transformed our site with your beautiful works of art, you make this event possible and for that we are grateful! Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate the Arts in The Woodlands with us.

We hope to see you in April 2020 as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary.

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2020 Featured Artist

Christina Smith


I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and started college as an art major. Marriage and family soon interrupted and so I am actually self-taught. I started exhibiting at art fairs in 1977. My rule has been "anywhere east of the Rockies" and that has given me many happy adventures and a few challenging ones. I've traveled by myself a lot and had flats, blown tires, blown engines, dead batteries and dead fuel pumps! I've learned the problems always find a way to work out - but it can get interesting!

My work is a combination of gouache and pencil. Gouache is an opaque watercolor similar to tempera. It gives me the strong color I want and flows well enough from the brush to produce fine detail. Many artists tell me they've had trouble working with gouache but I'm used to it and know it's ways. Generally, I paint my subject first and then use a black colored pencil to render the foliage or landscape. I like the contrast between the two mediums and enjoy working with both. Since pencil will smear I paint my subject before I do the pencil work. Ideas come in various ways. Sometimes it's a bird I've wanted to portray for a long time and sometimes it's the twists and turns of a branch that's caught my attention. We are fortunate to live in a wooded area a few miles from town and there is always something interesting out there.


Nolan Prohaska

2019 Featured Artist


I have always been fascinated by the outdoors. Ever since I was young my family nurtured my love for nature. When I entered the University of WI River Falls in 1997 I was pursuing a degree in horticulture with a minor in liberal arts. During my sophomore year I found myself in an introductory course for glass. To my surprise, I had a natural talent for working with the material. My pieces logically leaned toward the natural world, heavily influenced by my surrounding environments. I enjoy connecting indoor spaces with the outdoors by creating pieces inspired by desert sunrises, waterscapes, and beautiful plants.


Today I have been working with glass for more than thirteen years. I continue to be influenced by organic shapes, plants, and colors. Utilizing both blown and solid working techniques, I create intricately assembled sculptures. I also create vessels in a variety of shapes, inspired by landscapes and seascapes. In either case, all my pieces of glass become a reflection of my awe toward the natural world around us.


Note on My Work

All of the work I create starts out as molten glass inside of a 2000 degree furnace. The glass is gathered onto the end of a blowpipe or solid punty rod, depending on the piece to be made. Colored glass is added in layers depending on the desired outcome. Successive heating and shaping occurs until the piece is finished. The glass then cools down slowly in an annealing oven. After the pieces are removed from the oven, each is finished with grinding and polishing. Sculptural work is sand-blasted and acid-etched.


Congratulations to our 2019 Best of Show winners!

On opening day of the festival, a team of judges representing The Woodlands Arts Council walked the venue to select 2020's Featured Artist and our eleven (11) Best of Show Artists. The judges are local gallery owners, art teachers, artists and business professionals. Artists are scored on artistic merit and on booth presentation. Prize winners are jury-exempt for two years, receive booth awards, and other benefits.

Brian Jensen
Bonnie Shanas
Jason Sharp
Igor Menaker
Deb Wight
Mixed Media 3D
Christopher Brown
Cathra-Anne Barker
Bounkhong Signavong
Paul Willsea & Carol O'Brien
Rosario Garcia & Enrique Garcia
Gregory Arth
Mixed Media 2D
Texas Commission on the Arts
National Endowement for the Arts

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau
Stella Artois
The Woodlands Development Company
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The Woodlands Arts Council | (TWAC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.