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The Woodlands Arts Council presents

The 2019 Dr. David Gottlieb Outstanding Teaching Achievement in the Arts Award

The 2019 Dr. David Gottlieb Outstanding Teacher in the Arts Award presented by The Woodlands Arts Council is awarded to Mr. Chris Pratt, Band Director at Splendora High School and Splendora ISD Fine Arts Coordinator.

To encourage recognition of the importance of the substantial role the arts plays in education, The Woodlands Arts Council wishes to honor exceptional public-school teachers throughout Montgomery County for their outstanding contributions to arts education and to honor their personal gift of time and money. By recognizing two teachers, specifically one through the visual arts and one through the performing arts departments, we would like to honor these teachers’ accomplishments with a monetary award. Award amount to be announced.


Standards & Criteria

The honorees have demonstrated excellence, leadership, and a high level of dedication to their students by creating an environment that excites and stimulates the students toward self-expression throughout the arts. The awards will be given to teachers who:

  • Have gone beyond the ordinary teaching duties, by giving the appropriate attention and time to foster an environment that express the enrichments of art, which in return has produced outstanding student achievement.
  • Are recognized by peers as being a creative, innovative, outstanding teacher, known for having a passion for the arts. What do you see them doing for their department in the future?
  • Have instilled enthusiasm towards art and learning about art using various methods and techniques. Please tell us about these methods and techniques, what made them special, did they think out of the box, how were they successful?
  • They contribute to the arts education by actively seeking opportunities and partnerships in the community for students to enhance and enrich their experiences.
  • Are endorsed in writing by his/her principal as an asset to the school.


The Awards

The two (2) awardees will be selected through a jury process, which will consist of prior David Gottlieb awardees, Outreach committee members, and local artists. There will be one awardee selected from the Visual art department and one selected from the Performing arts department. These awardees will be formally presented at a time and place to be announced.

Each awardee will receive a certificate and a personal check from the Woodlands Arts Council. The money received is yours to use however you would like and symbolizes our appreciation for your hard work and dedication to the Art programs in our schools here in Montgomery County.


The Nomination Process

Nominations must be completed through our online application process. Nominations are due by midnight on Friday, March 29, 2019. Nominees and their administration will be notified before Tuesday, May 14th, 2019. Nominees will then be provided with access to the formal application for submission. Please note...the short form is only a preliminary nomination. To be considered for the actual award, the nominee must complete a FORMAL application, which will be due no later than midnight on MONDAY, MAY 20th, 2019.

The nomination form is available online and can be completed on the website and/or printed, completed, scanned, and returned to Tricia Howard at

Applications for nominations will NOT be accepted after midnight . Nominations received after this date and time will NOT be considered.


Judging Criteria

The formal application must be complete and be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the principal of the school where the nominee currently teaches. This letter must be submitted at the same time as the form. Nominations lacking required information may be automatically disqualified.

  • Application shall list two (2) references, one professional and one personal along with their contact information including phone number and e-mail address.
  • Application must state the name of the person submitting the nomination and their relationship to the nominee (i.e. Friend, colleague, family member, etc.)

At the time of the nomination, the nominees shall hold a current teaching position within Montgomery County in the visual or performing arts authorized by their school district and working directly with the students in the classroom.

Prior recipients of the Dr. David Gottlieb Outstanding Teaching Achievement in the Arts Award are not eligible for five (5) years.

The judges will look for specific examples demonstrating how the nominee meets the standards and criteria as well as considering the following attributes:

  1. Demonstration of an in-depth knowledge of the subject being taught
  2. Establishment of a stimulating art learning environment
  3. Fostering the development of students of the arts
  4. Ability to motivate students to exceed their own expectations
  5. Ability to adapt his/her teaching approach to meet the needs of the students
  6. Works collaboratively with art colleagues


Judging Committee

The Judging Committee shall be comprised of members of the Because Art Matters Cultural Outreach Committee and, at least, two (2) past recipients of this award.

Texas Commission on the Arts
National Endowement for the Arts

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