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Saturday, April 13th, 2019



This group blends flamenco, Moroccan, Indian, Latin and Western sounds, capturing a great collaboration of musical cultures based on Mediterranean chants, hypnotic percussion and Spanish guitar with a twist of New Age, showcasing splendid guitar mastery. "Moodafaruka captures the essence of world fusion…an eminently tasteful mix."


The Kraken Quartet

A energetic force of percussion and electronics, this quartet is a genre-crossing group known for its highly energetic and engaging performances and has been heralded for merging elements of math rock, minimalism, indie, post rock, electronica and the avant-garde.


Mikayla Griffin

Playing professionally since she was 10 years-old and primarily trained by her grandfather/manager, with whom she has collaborated on 2 albums and about to release a third, Mikayla plays a variety of instruments, performs her own back-up vocals on recordings and describes her musical genre as Americana pop.


Ryan Paul Davis

Originally from New Orleans, singer/songwriter Ryan Paul Davis blends delta blues and traditional southern folk with poetic lyricism and imagery. Often pressing the boundaries of roots and blues genres, his songwriting is characteristically reflective, raw and emotive.


George Navarro

Returning by popular demand, George Navarro is tearing up the Texas venues with some of the most well-known names in country music. George has the ability to flip from a smooth two stepping cowboy tune to a show stopping southern-rock fiddle solo. He also is well versed in a variety of instruments including the guitar, bass, drums, fiddle and mandolin.

Sunday, April 14th, 2019



Avian Aura

Madison, Wisconsin locals Gary Flesher, Jr and Joan Herzing began working together in early 2014, when the pair were involved with various lineups, garnering experience in studios, and becoming players in the regional Upper-Midwest music scene. Avian Aura is a fresh presentation to a classic concept. Expect to hear a mix of original music with a dose of tasteful covers, an array of instrumentation, vocal harmonies and plenty of good vibes.


E-Flat Porch Band

Named for the porch in McKinney, Texas where the members first practiced, E-Flat Porch Band resonates to the key of E-Flat. Duane Brown and Rudy Littrell form the core of the band, entertaining with their unique blend of acoustic “porch music,” including folk, Blues, early country, jazz and original tunes. As “angst-free” acoustic musicians, they play serious music without taking themselves too seriously


Cadillac Blues Band

Rockin’ blues with a splash of classic rock and country, Cadillac Blues Band is “more about blues riffs, melancholic vocals and smooth brass,” while embellishing with a healthy dose of harmonicas and organ to keep things slick along the way.


The Josh Fuller Band

With 2 self released albums under his belt, and 7 successful radio singles, Josh Fuller has solidified his presence in the Texas Regional music scene. Texas Country was introduced to this high-octane artist with heart, who takes the word friendship seriously and credits his success to his band. Fuller’s songs showcase a quick-wit and clever mind and his humorous perspective has earned him a loyal following, and a career path that began when his father bought him a guitar.

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